Diggaj Media canvases discoveries that are responsible for making changes and innovations in the society, because existence gets fueled by recognition. We at Diggaj Media is a plethora of broad coverage and information that publishes innovative work stories and interviews of Companies, Startups, Individuals and NGOs. We endeavor to cover the work of Companies and NGOs for their CSR and Sustainable development activities, publishing, unique Startup Idea that redefines the definition of businesses in the Indian market. To glorify success stories of individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, who have cultivated themselves with perseverance, hard work and have become an inspiration for others.

Diggaj Media aims to cater and believes in delivering a masterpiece of information about numerous Corporates, Startups, Individuals and NGOs. By bringing forward their critical work that brings change, and how they contribute to societal goals of an activist, charitable, or philanthropic nature by engaging in our supporting volunteering or ethically –oriented practices to make society a better place through their distinctive work. Our indigenous work leaves no stone unturned to address the accomplishments of the Corporates, Startup, Individuals and NGOs on a digital platform. That further inspires and sows a positive seed of lifestyle and thought process, in the masses.

As a digital platform, we publish success and startups stories to venture them in the spotlight, as well as Press Releases, Articles that address the agendas of CSR and Sustainability, Promotional Content that helps you to propagate and grow with the help of backlinks. Also, we advertise you through banners, Social Media, and various other modes. Altogether, we strive to become a globally admired platform that offers valuable information through responsible reporting. 

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Diggaj Media is consciously engaged in work that revolves around to empower and encourage NGOs, Corporates, Individuals and Enterprises indulged in CSR and Sustainable development activities. Also, to give recognition to startup ideas and publicizing success stories of Companies, Startups, individuals, and NGOs working remarkably.


To publish and report information of talent, innovation and betterment activities for social welfare and the planet.