A CSR Initiative, Delivering Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence Workshops For Teachers And Students

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Please Acknowledge Our Readers About Your Organization, Transvivo Consultants? As Well As The Vision Of Your Company

At Transvivo, the emphasis of our work is on, not just telling people WHAT to do but to impart specific tools and methods about HOW to do it, to achieve results. We strongly believe that knowledge has to be channeled into the application to day-to-day life to create new possibilities. The pillars of our work are Mindfulness based Emotional Intelligence workshops, Theatre based learning and inputs from Neuro-science. Nitten v Mahadik, who is the founder of Transvivo is also a part of the global teacher community at www.siyli.org, who delivers mindfulness-based courses in over 40 countries. With our long-standing experience and having trained in all sectors, we bring in high-quality experiential learning for participants.

Kindly, Put Some Light On The Phrase “Emotional Intelligence” And Its Need In Recent Times?

As we move through a volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, it is imperative that we build stronger inner resilience, manage our emotions, eliminate stress and increase efficiency to achieve our desired goals. While we build capabilities of material success in individuals, it is also necessary that we build the right state of consciousness to develop a healthy emotional world and emotional quotient. A multitude of research suggests that after a healthy IQ, EQ stands out as a crucial differentiating factor in success.

How Can You Impart, Inner Capacity Developments Skills Like Empathy, Critical Thinking, And Value-Based Decision Etc. Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

When we talk about capacity development, mostly all the interventions are focused on external skill-building. Seldom, any efforts made on inner capacity development, without which the external skill-building efforts may not yield optimum results. Both educators and students need qualities like influencing and inspiring, empathy, kindness, collaboration, critical thinking, and value-based decision making. Keeping this need in mind, we started working to build Emotional Intelligence and Influencing skills in educators. We have tested our work so far in public and private schools and it has proved as great value addition. teachers with 30 years of experience have given us good feedback that our work has given them a different perspective, and it helps to be an effective teacher. We have a trained internal team that can deliver across the country. Also, we take intense efforts in maintaining high standards of curriculum delivery. Our curriculums also corroborate with what is taught in some of the developed countries.

Share A Recent CSR Initiative With Our Readers, And How Did It Become Successful?

We have trained around 200 Municipal school teachers on Mindfulness. The feedback suggests that the training has been well received by teachers, with even 25 years of work experience. We had plans of scaling this up however, due to the pandemic, it’s on hold right now. We also are in talks with few statisticians to measure the impact of such training, and we plan to implement that process soon.

What Type Of Plans Does The Company Hold For Its Future CSR Activities?

We aspire to introduce our training to less privileged sections of the society and help the youths to build strong mental health. Through a collaborative partnership, we also want to take our training to public sector teachers as such training is not available in their entire academic curriculum.

Eventually, Everyone Wants To Be Successful In Their Work, So What’s Your Definition Of Success? How Do You Measure It?

One yardstick of success for us is, how meaningfully we have touched the lives of others and have enabled them to be better individuals.

Why And How Should Companies Or Individuals Collaborate With You?

1. We deliver Mindfulness based Emotional Intelligence workshops for teachers and Students. Which is designed with international norms in mind and blended with the local need.
2. We can systematically do the impact assessment of our training.
3. Experienced faculties and hence we have to ability to execute on a scale. (We have an internal faculty grooming program which is run all around the year)
4. Unique projects and very few are working on this domain.

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Strong minds build strong nations – Nitten V. Mahadik (Director) Transvivo Consultant

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