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What Is Extra Childhood And How It Works?

Extra Childhood – is an initiative of KNOWVAL SOCIAL FOUNDATION. We make every bachpan – ek khushiyowala bachpan.

If we look back to our parents’ generation. Most of them are proud products of Government School. But in recent times, Government schools have lost their brand values. It’s all private schools which are providing end to end development of children and not the Government schools. We know that every child is born with a special talent and unique qualities but for students who are studying in the Government school, such talents and qualities never reach its destination. We want to change this. State Governments are taking care of the education part but the extracurricular development of children is still missing.

At Extrachildhood, we bridge this gap by providing different kinds of extracurricular experiences to Government school children through our various engagements, activities, and artist network

What Is Your Vision And Mission?

Our vision is to create an environment which can nurture the inborn talent of every child whereas our mission is to provide Government School children with all kinds of extracurricular experiences.

How Do You Help Companies With CSR Activities?

Any corporate company who is willing to provide extra happiness to children can contact us. Based on the corporate requirement, we can design our engagements and themes which can help corporate to meet its corporate social responsibility along with a fun-filled, meaningful, knowledge and value-driven experience for children.

What Are The Benefits Companies Get If They Engage Their CSR Through Your NGO?

Transparency and Experience Delivery.

With the NGO culture in India most of the NGO lack transparency in their system. Most of the money is spent on Infrastructure. We work towards providing experience because that’s what matters in life. Our process is very transparent as the donor is always updated at every single stage with every information.

There are other benefits too, our programs are highly customizable which can assist Corporate to achieve its CSG goal in the most effective and efficient way. Corporate also seek customization where the CSR initiate can match with their nature of work or business segment. We help in designing these programs. For example, if a corporate is a Fashion Retail Chain then we design our project which can teach kids about various fashion creativity. All our activities are well documented and fetch a lot of support from the media.

Which Of All Companies You Have Helped For CSR And Through That How Many Children Were Reached?

As part of CSR we have worked with Times of India engaging Sri Lankan refugee kids at Bangalore, CISCO for their employee interaction with special kids. Pantaloons for their annual CSR program.

What Do You Think CSR Should Be A Mandate Or Voluntary Activity?

It should be mandatory. For India to become a great nation requires a collective development of its people. Corporate is very focused entities that work for a bigger reason and have their own affairs to handle. In such scenarios, national services are often forgotten. CSR bridges this gap. Staying connected with society helps corporate to fulfill its responsibility towards the nation.

Any Information That You Would Like To Share With Our Readers?

Fulfilling your social responsibility is not very difficult. All you need is little trust, support and the right team to carry out these responsibilities on your behalf. At extra childhood, our school engagement experience ranges from as low as Rs 5000 – Rs 10000 per school. Any donor can donate the amount and get all the updates sitting at home. We not only update them about the steps but also send them a fully documented copy of the project including their feedback of kids. – Sanjeev Dubey, President (Extra Childhood)

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