Les Roches: An Institute That Believes In Education As Well As Hunger Eradication

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Give Us An Overview On Les Roches CSR Efforts

For many years now Les Roches has had a special relationship with India, working towards creating the future of Hospitality in the country by organizing and participating in various initiatives giving great opportunities for Indian students for long-term careers within the Hospitality industry. From granting scholarships to merited students through the “Next General Manager of India” campaign to sponsoring and providing mentorship to an Indian start-up via “World Travel Forum Luzerne”, Les Roches are looking for ways to give back to the country providing Les Roches with some of its best Alumni.

Moreover, since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, Les Roches has provided support in Spain and India in order to help the most affected and vulnerable members of the community.

In Spain, Les Roches Marbella has been collaborating closely with the Red Cross since 2014 in different blood, clothing, and shoe donation campaigns, and supporting the “A la Intemperie” program that takes care of homeless people, by food donations made by students, and through economic donations. Due to the pandemic, Les Roches has increased the daily food donation that it has made to the Red Cross for the past 6 years from 80 to 240 weekly menus. In addition, this year Les Roches have donated 200 mobile power banks to hospitalized people due to COVID-19, to help them stay connected with their families, as well as 50 thousand liters of bottled water to medicalized hotels, hotels converted into residences and food trucks, ensuring that patients and medical personnel have access to water for at least one month.

In India, Les Roches has joined forces with rising Against Hunger India (RAHI), a leading NGO that is working towards hunger eradication, with currently an increased focus on providing meals to Covid-19 impacted communities to distribute 35,000 meals to the migrant groups of Mumbai that are suffering due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

What Made You Associate With RAHI?

With strong ties to India, Les Roches are keen to participate in bringing proper hospitality education to the country. Feeling strongly about the role of education not only in the worldwide economy but also on an individual level, we believe that RAHI is the perfect organization to team up in the initiative. We strongly support RAHI’s cause to not only eradicate hunger but to also ensure that children who are school dropouts or have never been to school in most vulnerable communities through the support provided can be enrolled back into the mainstream education system.

We are extremely gratuitous towards RAHI for allowing us to partner with them in this noble initiative of giving back to the people in need in these unprecedented times. Les Roches relationship with India goes beyond hospitality and we felt now is the correct time to support the nation that has provided us with some of the greatest alumni in the past and continues to support Les Roches till today.

Do You Encourage CSR And Sustainability Education As A Part Of Your Syllabus At Your Institute?

The key driving forces for Les Roches are sustainability, innovation, and digitalization that we believe has an important role to play in the reconstruction of the hospitality sector after the pandemic. Not only these elements are integral in our study programs but are also celebrated through various initiative Les Roches have organized in the past and look to carry in the future. Through sustainability workshops, mindfulness sessions, networking opportunities, and demonstrations from world-renowned brands, in the past years Les Roches have organized the Environment Festival accessible not only to Les Roches students but to other hospitality and engineering schools as well as local primary schools. Moreover, Les Roches has participated in the Sustainability Week, a Switzerland-wide initiative which is the brainchild of VSFN, the Swiss Association of Student Organizations for Sustainability. Les Roches achieved a triple first with its participation in the event last year – it became the first school in Valais, the first Swiss private school, and the first hospitality school to do so. The Sustainability Week included a clothes swap, lectures, panel discussions, and workshops with an objective to raise students’ awareness of the need to behave more responsibly towards our environment.

What Do You Think CSR Should Be A Mandate Or Voluntary Activity And Why?

It depends a lot on the industry but, while a well-built mandatory CSR model could be beneficial for channeling resources in the most needed areas, the voluntary CSR model will give more control to the company investing in the CSR initiative and therefore more autonomy on deciding what is the best initiative to support with. Both options could coexist with a strong operating framework in place.

Les Roches is already voluntarily activating several regional and global CSR initiatives and will continue to do so directly or with the support of our amazing Alumni community.

Throw Some Light On Your Future CSR Plans

In the light of the current global situation, Sommet Education, a Leading Hospitality Education group comprising Les Roches and its sister schools, Glion Institute of Higher Education and Ecole Ducasse, have launched a “Hospitality Challenge” in partnership with United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) on 30th June entailing the opportunity for the Hospitality industry not only to come back but to grow better and hence stronger. It is a unique opportunity to restart tourism in a more balanced, innovative, and sustainable way, with Hospitality as one of its driving forces. The time is right to foster new ideas, offer a new industry paradigm, and shifts in consumption habits. Through this challenge, Sommet Education will grant 30 scholarships to support career climbers and switchers, entrepreneurs, start-uppers in their hospitality project development through fully sponsored dedicated education programs. Moreover, with the help of Eurazeo, a leading global investment group from which Sommet Education is a portfolio Company, 3 top winners shall receive seed money to fund their projects.

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