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Please Share A Brief About The People For Animals And Key CSR Programs.

People for Animals, Bangalore is a non-profit animal welfare organisation, founded in 1996. The centre rescues, treats and rehabilitates urban wild animals, to ultimately release them back into their natural habitats. These urban wild animals, found in and around the city, are injured, displaced or orphaned due to various causes. The centre is open 24×7, year-round. 

Since its inception, PfA Bengaluru has rescued over 26,426 urban wild animals, of over 201 species for the past 24 years. From conducting awareness drives in schools, colleges, offices and communities, to initiating special programs, such as replenishing the water sources in fringe forests, PfA has been instrumental in the conservation of environment and wildlife in and around Bangalore over the years.

Here, at PfA we follow four main principles also known as the “4 R’s”, which is Rescue, Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Release. We rescue urban wildlife of all kinds – from a tiny baby Three-Striped Palm Squirrel to a big Spotted Deer. These animals are mostly orphaned, displaced or even face accidents, electrocutions, and Manja injuries, spinal or head injuries all the result of urbanization. We get nearly 30-40 rescue calls a day and our rescuers work 24*7 to rescue these animals in need. 

  Once rescued, they are brought into our centre for treatment and recovery; we have a team of experienced vets who work around the clock to save the lives of these animals, depending on the severity of their injuries they are treated, some even have to undergo surgery and other procedures.

  Then comes the process of rehabilitation, this process includes taking care of the nutritional, behavioral and environmental aspects of all the animals here at the center. We do a lot of enrichment activities that create an environment that mimics their habitat in the wild. 

Last but not the least is release, which we consider as one of the happiest moments here at PfA. Once the animal has gone through the process of treatment, rehabilitation and is fit to be released, we release the animals from the place we rescued it from, as most of the animals are territorial hence we believe releasing the animal from the same place it was rescued will give him/her a familiar environment. In case of the schedule I animals, we join hands with the Karnataka Forest Department for release.

We have a lot of other programs here at PfA, such as volunteering, Internships and also “Child Ecology Education” which aims at sensitizing young students on the importance of urban wildlife and why it is so important to save them. 

We also have a program called “Passive Adoption”, where you can passively adopt these animals and can contribute to their care and wellbeing.   The Key role of CSR at People for animals, Bangalore is to conduct fundraising and campaign for the center and also to be in contact with the corporates and approach them for presenting the work that we do at our wildlife rescue and conservation center and also sensitize them about the importance of urban wildlife in the city. Also conducting sessions with corporates to come to the center and conduct a tour for them to show the work which is done here and also involve the corporates in some of the enrichment activities.

What Does An Animal Friendly CSR Could Include?

An animal friendly CSR could include the followings:

By sanitizing the people about the importance of urban wildlife in the city.

By conducting campaign and fundraising for animals in need according the given situation, for example now the chines Manja cases have increased in number, hence a campaign can be conducted in accordance to it.

By conducting more and more corporate visits, so that more and more people are involved and letting them know how urbanization have had an immense impact on our environment and how can they contribute towards the cause.

How Does Covid-19 Influence Your Campaigns?

We are basically an NGO working for the urban wildlife living with us here in our city, we don’t get any monetary support from any governmental body but funds from the people who believe in our work, and hence during the Covid-19 pandemic we were hit hard on the funding ground as most of the corporates were involved in the helping the immigrant workers, health facilities, education, which we believed were to be prioritized, but we were getting calls for rescue during these hours as well nearly 30-40 rescue calls a day and we brought in these animals, who were injured and need medical assisting, proper feeding and rehabilitation which cost us a lot. We still are struggling to get funding as our regular activities with the corporates has come to a halt.

Share Some Insights About Your PFA Plans

Since the pandemic, our plan to spread awareness about the work we do is via conducting webinar for the school, colleges and corporates, since most of the things are happening online these days hence we plan to executes as many webinars as we can national and international so that we can sensitize a lot many people of why we should protect the urban wildlife and how difficult it is to take care of them and what role they play in our eco-system.

What Impact Do You Want To Leave On Our Society Through Your Initiatives?

We would like to spread the word about importance of urban wildlife, how they help in planting of almost 90% of the tress in the city via pollination and seed dispersal, how they help to keep the lakes and the rivers clean, how they help in controlling various diseases like: dengue, cholera, malaria, typhoid etc., and how they are the garbage cleaners and manages the waste openly disposed in our city and also how they help in retaining the wetland, control soil erosion, deforestation, Continuous flood, improve air quality, recharge ground water. All these are contributed by the urban wildlife living with us in our city.

Tell Us About A Recent Challenge You Faced While Working On A CSR Project.

The recent challenge faced was due to the limitation of funding due to the pandemic, it is very difficult to get funds mainly from the corporates as many of the corporates are closed or have work from home program and they are basically busy with other projects and also they are not much aware of the work we do and the importance of urban wildlife and their role in maintain a balance in our eco-system.

Any Information That You Would Like To Share With Our Readers?

The role played by the urban wildlife and why co-existence is the best solution for us to have an healthy environment and how the urbanization and population explosion have led to loss of habitat and wet lands in most of the city and what measure we can take as a citizen to control all this. Firstly, we can plant trees, mostly the fruit baring one, so that they provide a shelter for these urban animals and also work as their food source, by proper disposal of the garbage, even if we are constructing a building we can make sure it’s an Sustainable green architecture where it does not have any negative effect on the nature around it, and the most important thing is whenever we see any animals in need we make sure we help them by calling the near shelter facilities for animals.

Throw Some Light On Your Future Initiatives

Future Initiatives:

  1. Spread awareness about the urban wildlife, its importance and the work done by People for Animals, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre.
  2. Sensitize more and more people all the city of saving and helping an urban wildlife.
  3. Conducting more webinars for national and international audiences.
  4. Getting more people to join us as a volunteers or an intern.
  5. Organized more Campaigns and awareness drive.
  6. Give more emphasis on the program we have called the “Child ecology program”
  7. Encourage more people to come forward for the passive adoption of these animals here at our centre.

Conducting CSR programs for most of the corporate companies in Bangalore.

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