Aashayein Foundation, An NGO Focused On Improving And Imparting Education In India

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What Is Aashayein Foundation?

Aashayein Foundation is an NGO that is working toward the cause of Education in Bangalore, Mysore and Hyderabad. We started on the First Sunday of 2007 with a group of fresh graduates. Who came together and started distributing breakfast at an orphanage on 7th of January 2007. Later on, in the same year, in May our friends, family, contacts and our colleagues who had joined us for the cause helped us to gather enough resources and over hundred volunteers that lead us to ideate to do more for the society. We all then started brainstorming and identified the needs of society within the limitation of time and resources available to us and identified the areas that needed redemption. Subsequently, our experiences until then had made us realize to focus primarily on Education. However, even in education, there is a lot that is lacking in our education system. So through education, we are also addressing several other problems and issues of society.  

How Is Your Foundation Helping Companies For Their CSR Initiatives?

Aashayein Foundation is helping companies mainly through involving them in its 4 programs that are well researched by our team. The team formulates programs based on the needs and with regards to the ground realities of the society. We have different activities that corporates can choose from according to their necessity, interest, suitability and something they look forward to as their CSR initiative. 

Once every design is done and planned, we then pitch companies through a proposal being sent to the company CSR wing with considerable time in advance. We then get in touch to execute the program together. Whoever shows interest gets involved through volunteering or aids us monetarily.   Interestingly, our NGO has no permanent employees; all our volunteers are from various companies who help us in executing the planned activities. Today, it has been 13 years since we started working on every Sunday of a month and we have never missed an opportunity. 

Tell Our Readers About The 4 Programs Started By Your Foundation

Education is a key element in constituting society, which keeps it healthy and well-nourished. Although there are numerous challenges in the path for quality education, we have identified 3 major areas as our primary focus. Now, these 4 programs are resolving all these 3 major areas of concern. 

1. Bachche Man Ke Sachche:  It focuses on the problem of Access to education and identifies the children who do not get a chance to attend schools and provide them with educational opportunities. We then identify the reasons for not attending the schools, whether economic or not. Once, we know that education is getting hampered due to economic conditions. We then sponsor the entire years of academic education for the child and depending on his willingness and criteria to study. We finance them for higher education as well. 

This program aims to reach the economically weaker section of the society. We have sponsored more than 2000 years of education 

2. Pustaka Abhiyana: It ensures that every student gets the eminent facilities and equipment that helps in the constructive learning environment for the children. It makes sure the availability of core facilities like a proper roof, blackboard, right place for students to sit and chair and table for the teachers. Under this program, we adopt schools with an MOU agreement with the government to authorize us to carry out developmental activities.

3. Shikha Abhiyana: The objective of this project is to provide quality education to the students in various government and government-aided schools. Thereby, bridging the knowledge gap between the students of public and private schools. 

4. Breakfast Serving: The Sunday Breakfast Program is the 4th program and with this, we initially had started our NGO. Till today we are continuing with this program where we visit orphanages, old age homes, blind schools, leprosy centres and other places. To ensure that we spend some times with them so, they don’t feel alone and to share their happiness and sorrows. 

Who Have You Worked With In The Past?

In the past, we have worked with – Nvidia, Texas Instruments, IBM, Perot Systems, Bally, Bosh

Your Foundation Focuses On Education, Why Do You Think Education Is The Most Crucial Social Responsibility That Needs To Be Addressed By Corporates Since They Have A Good Outreach As Well As Finances. 

In my opinion, there are two ways to answer this. Firstly, we all live in a society that we have been benefited from the systems which we have used. Now it’s time to pass on the benefits to others, so that is one aspect of it. The second is that the type of imbalance that is being created by the Rural and the Urban divide. These are becoming more and more prominent as cities are developing at a faster rate compared to villages. The government undoubtedly is doing its part, but that is not solely enough. We need to have a sustainable fundamental schooling system. These require a collaborative effort of the government, corporates and everyone who got benefitted from the system, needs to make sure the imbalance is not enhanced. For example, all the big multinational corporates in India are there because of the availability of talents, especially IT companies. This talents purely comes from the education available from primary schooling, colleges and other institutes is contributing to it. Thus it becomes necessary to focus more on the education system as to generate more such talented youth that will be future doctors, engineers, scientist, manager, lawyers and of various other professions. All these reasons make it necessary for corporate to pitch more on education. 

What Problems Do You Face While Working?

As mentioned earlier, we solely work with the help of volunteers in our NGO without any monetary benefit to them. So that being the case, the other side of it is finding volunteers especially, in the peak times of organizing programs. Every week to organize a programme we need 80 volunteers, specifically skilled at teaching as we cannot compromise on the quality of education. We look for those volunteers who can work for a sustained period of 3 to 6 months so that they can develop a bond with the kids and transfer knowledge to them.  

The second challenge is the fact that not everyone is ready to take help. When we go to slum areas, they partially are sceptical about our work, why we are collecting the data, what we are going to do with it and most importantly why they should send their kids to the school. Especially the older age group of 10 years and onward, as they could send that same kid to earn. From a parent’s point of view, this seems valid who has been living in poverty for years because they don’t think from a future perspective. Next comes the problems of getting permissions from government offices, though at many levels it is very convenient, sometimes, it is hard as some officials are sceptical and, so we need to explain about our programme. So these are some of the problems that we face while working. 

Share A Recent Success Story

Yes, recently we have adopted 9 Schools in Chikmagalur, Karnataka and we facilitated them with desks, benches, mike sets, sports equipment and desks of different shapes and colours that help nursery schools kids in learning. All this has been very fruitful to them. So this is the most recent development that we have done before the pandemic.  

Anything That You Would Like To Share With The Readers 

We are looking forward to people who can become a volunteer in our NGO and help us with our work. So make the society a better place by making a difference 

Share A Quote About Your Initiative

Every person has an inner desire to make a difference, but most of us do not know-how. We urge you to volunteer and give a direction to that inner urge.

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