Innovative First Of Its Kind Laptop Bank Concept Started By Aahwahan Foundation For Poor Students Pan-India

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When Was The Aahwahan Foundation Initiated? Can You Share A Brief Background On Its Inception?

Aahwahan Foundation literally means ‘initiating a start’, which we knew a beginning had to be made somewhere where the current disparities in society needed to be worked upon to bring it to equilibrium. The organization with much thought and work took shape in 2009 where the aim was to work on segments like Health, Education, Environment, Community Living, Women Empowerment and Safety, which we saw call for immediate attention to be addressed to.

Please Share Aahwahan Foundations Contribution To The Education Sector To Ensure Effective Education Classes Being Conducted During The Pandemic

Aahwahan believes that education is a fundamental right for all and thereby everyone has equal right to it therefore, our main aim is to ensure everyone has equal right to it. Therefore, it has come up with certain flagship programmes in education like-

Education on Wheels where the focus is on promoting computer literacy amongst the students in the towns and villages. Under this scheme, free NIIT certified computer courses are imparted to the students to help them learn computers. Also, Aahwahan has taken it upon itself to find students from the underprivileged sections who are exceptional in sports and curriculum to groom them. Earlier Aahwahan was also working towards developing basic infrastructure in schools like providing furniture, making separate toilets, clean drinking water facility and others to carry on regular classes for students. COVID-19 brought about unforeseen challenges and difficulties for people from all walks of life and poor students suffered the most as their continuing education had to undergo the lockdown. Ensuring we follow the laid down guidelines, we brought education online for school students through phones using Google Meet and Zoom to continue their regular classes.

How Has The Laptop Bank Concept Helped Students In The Rural Areas Across India?

COVID-19, though challenging has made us realize how vulnerable we can be in the face of oddities and challenges. Our major learning was that to ensure the development of the nation is an inclusive programme where we need to provide basic knowledge through education to the remotest and backward corner of the country. Therefore, we launched first of its kind innovative Laptop Bank concept, where we rent out laptops to students for a particular timeframe. Under this we provide them assistance on how to use them along with internet connection to help them in their higher studies. The Digital India campaign launched by the government cannot be successful until it has seeped to the depth of our society and reach out to each and every one. Education is everyone’s right therefore, we must ensure it reaches all.

Is There Any Government Support Towards This Foundation?

So far we have not really got any governmental support with regards to our work and support for our nationwide programmes. But yes, there have been contributions by individuals and companies by and large who have understood and witnessed our work on different levels.

Future Plans Or Upcoming Initiatives Of The Foundation

We are working towards initiating new programs where we want to reduce wastage of books and other materials in school through our innovative concept of ‘Student CRPF’ where one student is appointed by us to coordinate with different schools and collect the excess study material that was allotted to the students by not used along with stationery. This material is then used for distribution to poor and underprivileged students to help them with their education. Madhav Raman a class 9th student from Deens Academy, Gunjur Bangalore is the first student ambassador who is helping us with this. Our aim to reach out to as many schools and students as possible by appointing a student ambassador from that school who can help us run our program smoothly.

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