Rise Against Hunger India (RAHI) An NGO That Dreams Of A World Without Hunger

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Please Share A Brief About The RAHI And Key CSR Programs

Rise Against Hunger India envisages a world without hunger and aims to end hunger by 2030. With a network of local NGOs and community partners, RAHI coordinates the distribution of food and other life-changing aid to areas/groups of people that are food insecure.

Key programs

  • Meal Packaging through which dehydrated, high protein, nutritious meals are provided to those in need as a safety net program.
  • Employee engagement is a major CSR program – employees of corporates volunteer to package meals that are paid for by the corporate.
  • Community empowerment activities towards the elimination of hunger through sustainable livelihoods.
  • Disaster Relief through the provision of food and other assistance.
  • Growing the movement by creating awareness & education on hunger.

Let Us Know About Your Past Initiatives And Its Reach With The Mission To Fight Against Hunger

  • No. of meals – Approximately 1 crore meals provided to about 100,000 beneficiaries as of March 31, 2020
  • Mobile Health Units in Bihar & Andhra Pradesh – a 3-year project that benefitted a total of 15,529 households
  • Moringa cultivation in Bihar – Income generation program for 64 farmers in Bihar
  • Agriculture in Odisha benefitting 600 farmers in 10 villages
  • Provision of Complan & Glucon D in summer to almost 10 lakh people over 2 years
  • Disaster relief response carried out in Assam, Bihar, Manipur, Odisha, Kerala, TN – provision of meals and family hygiene kits
  • Hunger Education Modules – sessions held for students from grade 7 to 10 on 12 modules

Tell Us About Your Goal Of Zero Hunger By 2030

RAHI works through 4 pillars towards its goal of ending hunger in line with the UN Sustainable Goal of Zero Hunger by 2030:

  • Nourishing Lives – providing food & safety net programs
  • Empowering Communities – helping communities in income generation activities
  • Responding to Emergencies – with food & hygiene materials
  • Growing the movement – spreading awareness about hunger & encouraging healthy & zero-waste eating

Let Us Know About Any Donor Or Supporter That Helped You To Reach The Most Number Of People

  • Kraft Heinz – support received for meals, micro-nutrient sachets, Mobile Health Units, provision of Complan & Glucon D over the past 5 years
  • Forever Living Products – 19,30,454 meals packaged by 7,309 volunteers in 6 locations
  • Disney India – 7,14,096 meals in 6 locations in 1 week

Tell Us About A Recent Challenge You Faced While Working On A CSR Project

A recent challenge for us has been about donors asking us to execute the program even before we received their funds. Also, with donor representatives directing us on where food should be used and changing the decisions constantly.

Any Information That You Would Like To Share With Our Readers?

Donors should realize that NGO personnel put themselves at enormous personal risks by exposing themselves to dangerous situations to provide for those in need. The motivation behind this for the NGO is to make a difference in the lives of those who are in very difficult situations. While some donors are very aware & are appreciative of the lengths that NGOs go to, some are unrealistic in their demands especially with regard to the branding and mileage that they want. We realize there has to be a symbiotic relationship between donors & NGOs, our program being volunteer-driven. We work with full transparency and provide full information to the donors & volunteers about the end recipients and we would like more corporate/donor employees to participate in our meal packaging volunteering experience.

Throw Some Light On Your Future Initiatives And Share A Quote About Your Initiative

  1. Hunger is a primary issue now more than ever. Even those who were relatively comfortable are now on the brink of poverty & hunger. RAHI’s mission is more relevant now than ever and we will continue to strive to serve those in need by providing them with our dry nutritious meals.
  2. We will also work towards securing livelihoods through various forms of agriculture, kitchen gardens, etc. 5-6 pilot projects are already underway.

– Mr. Dola Mohapatra, Executive Director, Rise Against Hunger India

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