Say Trees: Is Working To Restore Tree Cover By Creating Forests In Urban And Rural Areas

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Brief Us About Your NGO, Say Trees, Its Initiation And The Motivation Behind It?

I came to Bangalore in 2001 it was like a heaven for me. A city lined up with trees everywhere. I valued it most as my native place was the exact opposite. Then when trees were beginning to bring down, I felt sad and felt that Bangalore would become like any other city which is polluted and full of concrete structures. I felt Bangalore would not be the garden city if most of the trees in the City will cut down. Fear of losing all the trees became a big concern for me. That is where I wanted to act as a citizen, and I started approaching the govt. Agencies to find out can I can do as a citizen. All this lead me to decide to do plant saplings in places where the trees will not be brought down. Initially, what started with one sapling in 2007 has now grown to more than 2, 00,000 saplings in 2019.

How Is Say Trees Aiding Farmers Of Bangalore And In Rural Andhra Pradesh?

Say Trees is helping farmers with fruit saplings. In 3-5 years fruit trees start yielding fruits which the farmers sell and earn a parallel income. These trees support their land and improve agriculture output. In return, we get trees, and farmers get parallel income, a win-win for all.

How Are You Restoring Tree Cover And Sensitizing Others Towards The Importance Of Environment Conversation?

We are creating many urban and rural forests. And while creating these forests, we are requesting people to join and plant saplings with us. There have been plantation drives where more than 700 people have participated and planted more than 5000 saplings in a few hours. Volunteers also join us during summer to take care of these saplings. So the volunteers get to see the result of their efforts. These connect them even more to the cause, and then they join us in every plantation drive.

Tell Us About The Use Of The Miyawaki Technique, How Is It Helping In Sustainable Development?

Miyawaki is a Japanese technique to create a dense and fast-growing forest. It’s best for cities as we can get 30 times more benefits in a given space. It’s all organic and native. With cities converting into concrete jungles, we need to make the most use of whatever small space is available to us. We have created more than 20 Miyawaki forests in the last 4 years. In different cities across the nation. 

How Do You Help Companies With Their CSR? What Is Your Public Reach Through It?

We create forests for organizations which are interest to do the same under CSR initiatives. Organizations also get to engage their employees in these tree plantation dives hence spreading awareness among citizens.

What Plans And Projects Are There In Your Pipeline, For The Future?

We wish to create at least a 500-acre forest every year. We have many projects which are in pipeline for 2020. Hoping for the best. 

Where Else Are You Creating Forests In India?

Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Lucknow and many rural areas.

Tell Us About Your Activities, Achievements And Success Stories So Far In The Journey?

Our Achievements started with one sapling in 2007 to 2 lakhs saplings in 2019.

Currently, We are also rejuvenating lakes and ponds. We are also working on preventing food waste from landing up in a landfill. Moreover, we have been Installing solar lamps in villages etc.

How Can Individuals Be A Part Of Your Army?

Individuals can join us in every plantation and maintenance drives. They can send mail to, and then we add them to a google group of our volunteers. We keep sharing information with all our volunteers.

Share A Quote About Your Initiative

Plant TREES, plant HOPE!!!

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