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Earth Just Ecosystems Launches Health, Earth & You Program To Help People Live In Harmony With Microbes & Embrace A Chemical-Free Lifestyle

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A leading article recently highlighted how the threat of contagion could twist our psychological responses to ordinary interactions, leading us to behave in unexpected ways. Due to ambiguity, and lack of understanding, countries, societies, and people are resorting to excessive chemical usage, and there’s an increasing fear of microbes. If thought rationally, no other pandemic than this one has stressed the need for stronger immunity. And also, how if left to itself, nature can heal itself. Yet countries & societies are increasingly only looking at cures & prevention, be it through social distancing, use of chemicals, and measures for treatment. There have been multiple cases and will continue to grow, of people being affected by excessive use of chemicals, which is further weakening their immune system. Not to mention how all these will affect the environment. Masks, PPE & all forms of medical waste are the new plastic bags in oceans. 

Keeping these in mind, EarthJust conducted a series of webinars to help people understand microbes, and use them as their ally in the fight against COVID. 

“Microbes are our lifeline. There is no end to the benefits that microbes can have hence all our sessions cater to exploring those benefits. These tiny soldiers are more likely to be fighting with us than against us” quoted Shrey, a microbiologist, and team member at EarthJust, whose life revolves around these microbes. These webinars had been designed to help participants understand and appreciate the benefit of microorganisms & how to use them to eliminate synthetic chemicals from daily routines. Sessions involved DIYs on 15 broad topics like personal care products, house-hold cleaners, probiotics, urban and kitchen gardening, house-hold waste management. 

Products included natural & synthetic chemical-free personal care products, like after-shave lotions, skin disinfectants, body cleansers like body and hair wash, and oral hygiene products. Furthermore, sessions trained people to use vegetables, fruits, and flowers in nature to make their own probiotics at home, and in improving gut immunity using beneficial microbes. 35 sessions were conducted with 7 expert speakers and a total of 100+ participants from different walks of life and career paths; change-makers, interns, college students, professionals, householders from both urban and rural contexts. Participants were sensitized and empowered with about 17 hours spent on hands-on training and 20 hours spent on awareness building. 

Following the success and demand of these sessions, 2 new programs are being launched. The new programs have a specific objective of promoting a sustainable & healthy lifestyle by helping people live in harmony with microbes and living a chemical-free life. Both the programs will cover topics on Personal care, Household Care, Grow your food & Healthy fermented edibles. Starting on 8th August 2020, the Earth Harmony series will have stand-alone webinars & an online support group. This is meant for sustainability beginners and will focus on awareness & DIYs. The live chemical-free series starts on 23rd August 2020. This is a 5-month program that aims to help sustainability enthusiasts eliminate synthetic chemicals from their lives in 5 months. This will be done through online sessions, videos, recipes, and a community. They will be leading these sessions with other experts. EarthJust aims to increase the community of sustainability practitioners, who live in harmony with microbes, themselves & Earth. 

About Earth Just Ecosystems Foundation:

Earthjustice is based in Solan and we believe in the power of individuals to create long term reforms. We work to promote sustainable living practices. We work with individuals, institutions, governments & communities to build a culture of sustainability. We are running programs in schools, colleges, organizations & societies to simplify sustainability & help people move from awareness to action to habit.

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