Love The Idea Of Online Shopping? This App Startup Can Bring Your Local Retail Shop Online Without Any Hassle

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Tell Us About Your Startup Idea Bajar And How Does It Helps The Offline Retail Business

Bajar App was launched in the year 2018 with an idea to bridge in the gap between the retailers and the end consumers. The app helps to register the retailers on the online platform and connect them with the customers residing in the nearby areas. With the app, the retailers who were otherwise absent from the online space, are able to tap in the customers who love to shop using online channels.

What Is Your Inspiration Or Motive Behind This Idea?

The idea emerged as I was looking for ways to give a boost to the small retailers who are keen on marking their presence on the online domain. On the other hand, the need to develop a platform where the customers can connect with small retailers situated in their locality also inspired us a lot.

Tell Us About Something You Are Learning Right Now?

We are learning to enhance the efficiency of the app. We are looking into ways to enhance the functionality of the app, thereby making it even well-organized.

What Obstacles Are You Still Working Through With Your Startup?

We are trying to integrate delivery options and product purchase in the app because this will benefit the retailers and customers to a great extent.

How Do You Make Offline Retailers A Part Of Bajar App And In Which States Bajar Currently Operates? 

We manually go and list retailers and ensure accurate information on the app. We collect the correct location, address and authentic data with little to no errors. We are only live in Delhi at the moment.

Please Share The Achievements And Milestones Of Bajar App

We have more than 5500 retailers registered on the platform which are increasing with each day. Also, we have around 5000 users on the digital platform.

Initially, It Must Have Been Tough For The Startup To Convince Traditional Retailers To Get Into The Online Business Market. How Did You Approach?

We faced a lot of issues initially as it was difficult for us to make the retailers understand the relevance of the app. However, slowly we educated the retailers around and created awareness about the app, and post which we started receiving a warm and welcoming response. 

What Are Your Plans In Terms Of Expansion Of Your Business?

We are planning to bring in the delivery and eCommerce option in the app. Also, we are planning to expand our brand to different cities in our country.

Share A Quote About Your Initiative

I want Bajar to be the go-to name for shopping because every local market can satisfy almost all the needs of their residents. Shop local! – Yashraj Bhatia, Founder, Bajar App

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