Solves Dual Challenges Of Water Quality And Water Availability By Developing Products

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What Made You Start Your Start-Up And What Problem Does It Solve?

The idea of WaterScience came to Mohammad Iqbal and Sudeep Nadukkandy when they were looking for options to combat their hair fall problems due to hardwater in Bangalore. When they realised none of the options provide an easy solution, they decided to build one themselves. Further research revealed that this was a market with great potential,  as with increasing migration to urban centres, the water quality was declining. The need for these products would only go up in the future.  Their co-founder Pavithra Rao joined them on this journey to scale WaterScience into a truly global organisation. 

How Is Your Business Shaping During The Pandemic? Do You See It As An Opportunity Or As A Setback, Or Your Business?

WaterScience was on the path to doubling their customers by 2021 March, when COVID struck and business stopped for almost an entire quarter, as the online stores and retail outlets were only selling essentials. The team developed a few new products during the lockdown, optimized packaging designs and worked on product innovations. When the lockdown lifted, the business bounced back to normal and the new products and innovations were able to add to their revenues. We are happy that we have been able to turn a setback into an opportunity to bounce back stronger. 

How Hard Is It To Have A Work-Life Balance As A Startup Founder And How Do You Manage It?

When the business is on your mind 24×7, it becomes difficult to separate personal and professional lives. We actively take some time off by playing sports or spending time with friends, so that we can come back recharged every day. 

Have You Raised Funding? If Yes, Then We Would Like To Know The Details. If Not, Please Let Us Know If You Are Looking To Raise?

The initial investment is bootstrapped and from 2017 the company has been profitable and running on its own revenue. We have raised an angel investment from Mr Aditya Somani who is also our mentor. While we are not rushing to raise, we are on the lookout for partnering with firms that will align with our values and help us achieve greater heights. 

What Gets You Excited About This Company 

The growth potential for this space is what got us into the business, but what keeps us going is the positive customer feedback and the satisfaction that we have solved a pain point for the customer.

Please Throw Some Light On Your Plans For Your Startup

With increasing urbanization our already scarce water resources are strained further. When water availability becomes an issue, water quality gets severely compromised. Therefore the need for products that help improve water quality increases. Like how a drinking water filter is a standard feature of every urban home, in a few years, non-drinking filters will become a standard feature.  Around 4 crore households use a drinking water filter which reflects the water quality and affordability. All these households will also be using a Shower/Tap Filter, kitchen tap filters in the next few years as the water quality continues to decline.

Would Like To Share A Piece Of Advice For Building Entrepreneurs 

This is a great time for entrepreneurs and new businesses and it is the time to build. I would direct them to a quote by Nelson Mandela – ‘It always seems impossible until it is done”

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