Your Search To Find The Yummy Organic Sauces to Satisfy Your Taste Buds, End with El Diablo Sauce

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Tanya, What Is The Story Behind Your Yummy Startup El Diablo Sauces?

El Diablo Sauces was started in Jan 2017. My husband (Nikhil Kutty) and I started this business when we couldn’t find good sauces in the market. Most exciting sauces were all imported products and we wanted to create something homegrown. And thus, El Diablo

Sauces was born.

What Role Do You Play Being A Marketing And PR Professional Turned Full-Time Singer And Voice Over Artist And Your Husband Play In The Company?

I quit my job years ago to follow all my passions. I’ve always been a salesperson. My husband has 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry. This business works on both of our strengths and skillsets. He handles the creation of the product and operations and I handle sales and marketing. 

Please Share The Secret To Your Sauce Recipes That Make Then Unique From The Available Market Choices? (USP OF Sauces)

Our sauces are absolutely unique. They are fresh, natural, uniquely flavored and contain no chemicals, no preservatives and no added sugar. We started with 4-5 flavors and now have 11 unique flavors available for the market. Our sauces range from sweet, tangy, mild to super spicy. There is something for everyone. We’ve focused on flavors that are familiar to the Indian audience but give them a fun twist. That’s what makes us so different from the rest of the sauce brands.

As A Startup, What Challenges Did You Face, And How Did You Succeed Them?

I think as a bootstrapped company, finances are the biggest challenge. Having a full retail presence is a very expensive option right now and hence has been quite a challenge. We’ve learned to focus on the resources available to us and have been focusing on the online market. Challenges and obstacles are part of any business. The goal is to navigate our way through them and overcome them one by one. You need to be thick-skinned to run any business. 

Tell Us About All The Varieties And The Taste Notes Of These Sauces?

We have 11 uniquely flavoured sauces. Sweet, tangy, mild and super spicy, we have it all. 

We spent a lot of time creating exciting flavours and it’s great to see the market enjoying them. Some of our flavours include- Mango garlic which is a nice sweet sauce. Then we have Smoked green chilli which is an earthy thick sauce with a smokey flavour and makes for a great barbeque sauce. For those who love spicy sauces, we have Super Hot Ghost

Chilli and Hot Af which are very spicy sauces. All our sauces can be used as dips or marinades. Our huge variety keeps the customers coming back for more.

How Are The Sauces Reaching The Market, And Who Are Your Current Associates?

Our business model is B2B and B2C. For customers, we are available online. People can purchase our sauces through our website or platforms like – Amazon India, LBB, Indiabuylocal. We recently also tied up with Swiggy Grocery and are available through that. We also supply our sauces to numerous restaurants and delivery kitchens.

Giving Up On Your Perfect Corporate Job Is Not Easy Especially When You Are Rising The Corporate Ladder. What Pushed You To Start A Business Of Your Own! 

I loved my job but I knew I wanted more from life. I wanted to be my own boss and pursue all my passions- music, voice-overs, anchoring for shows and start a business.

Most people are scared of changes. They get too comfortable in situations because it’s safe. I have always believed that great things never come from comfort zones. I knew what I wanted in life and was determined to achieve my goals and I set out on my journey. There is a saying I really believe in- “Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits”. Of course, leaving a cushy job is never easy. Self-employment comes with pros and cons but when you do what you love, you look forward to those challenges.

What Plans Do You Have For The Future?

We want to become the sauce of the nation! We want to be present in every household. We also want to enter the international market. We have a lot of foreign customers here in India who love our sauces, so we definitely see potential in the international market. 

We are working day and night towards our goals.

Any Piece Of Advice That You Would Recommend To Aspiring Entrepreneurs? 

Strive for progress, not perfection. Success comes from what you do consistently.

Interview withTanya Nambiar

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