A Company That Is Making TREE – FREE PAPERS

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How Did You Plan To Start Your Company Blue Cat Paper? What Is Its Vision And Mission?

I was inspired by the fact that you could create paper from waste and save trees and water in the bargain. Also, my resort in Coorg, Amanvana, inspired me to start Bluecatpaper.

The vision of our company is to support the cause of tree-free paper. To make sure that awareness is created about the fact that you DON’T need to cut trees for paper. Paper is made from cellulose and water. There are several secondary waste materials such as textile waste, farm waste such as coffee husk, lemongrass, mulberry, flax, etc. that can be used for paper.

What Was Your First Step Towards CSR And Sustainability? How The Company Further Contributes To CSR And Sustainability Activities?

Our Primary step was introducing a water treatment plant that enables the recycling of water and collecting of waste that was headed to a landfill. Moreover, we have helped in planting more trees and by going greener. To add more, Blue Cat saves over 5000 trees every month, thus we are practicing sustainable development as well.

By saving trees, reducing farm and textile waste, we create the most beautiful and gorgeous paper. We are able to recycle water. We don’t need chemicals, as the cellulose content of this material is very high.

We create 100% sustainable paper.

How Would You Measure Your Achievements Through CSR And Sustainability Activities?

We save over 45000 Liters of water through recycling. Also, we save over 50,000 trees by offering the sustainable and clean paper. Further, we employ and train men and women so that they develop better skills in papermaking.

What Are Your Future CSR And Sustainability Plans For 2021? Also, How Does Your Company See The Pandemic, As An Opportunity Or As A Hurdle?

To continue educating and spreading awareness about NOT TO CUT TREES FOR PAPER. And To stop the farmers from burning farm waste (stubble).

The pandemic brought all manufacturing to a standstill. However, post lockdown we are seeing more interest in tree-free paper activities

Are There Any Associations With Your Company That Is Helping With CSR And Sustainability Activities?

No, at the moment we are looking for a benefactor who can appreciate our work. As the paper is only cheap for us humans but highly expensive for the planet.

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Save trees. Choose tree-free paper and products – Kavya Madappa (Founder)

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