Installed The Country’s First 100% Green Water Recovery Plant, ABSOLUTE WATER PVT. LTD. Converts Sewage Water Into Potable Quality Water Of WHO Standard

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In A Time Frame, Where We Are Running Out Of Usable Water, How Your Company ABSOLUTE WATER Started, Sailed And Is Leading The Way Today. 

AWPL was started only on this premise and this was the cause and reason, the depravity of usable water. Sewage being 90% liquid and 10% solid, and something that will always be readily available was the best source of recycling and renewing. We wanted to provide safe and clean water that could run through one’s taps, without worrying about the source of the same, just like they do abroad. It had to be organic in nature, as we have learnt that some of the best systems of being natural, comes from nature itself. We wanted to invent a system that does not require chemicals, and can be NON-RO in nature thereby retaining the natural vitamin and mineral content unlike what the RO system does. To make the system self-sustainable, thereby creating no sludge and only uses organic and inorganic media that is readily available and can work in extreme temperatures so that it can be sued anywhere in the world. We wanted to create a low maintenance system, so that it can be made affordable and easy to use where even unskilled labor can be employed to operate it, which also creates employment to the underprivileged and the community where the plant would be set up in. 

The treated water is bacteria and pathogen-free, to the extent that our filtration system includes oxidation again via a natural method, that can clear 80% of the COVID virus thereby giving you even safer and cleaner water. Due to this, we were fully operational during the lockdown, as were considered an essential service. 

Having said this and having the advantage of a first mover in this category and industry, we were able to gain some ground in our first year of operation as we had installed our pilot plant that converted sewage into drinking water quality as per WHO standards, and that too for the DJB. Having that working plant installed gave us the opportunity to showcase the technology in real-time rather than on just paper. This, in turn, gave us 14 such additional plants that have been installed all the way from Ladakh to Hyderabad and we have a few more coming in this year all across the country. The cost per liter of treated water is the lowest in the country at 8 paise/liter as compared to Rs.2/liter for conventional systems. 

Being also used on Solar gives us a further advantage of being cost-effective in terms of electricity usage and charges thereby the ROI being the quickest. 

All these factors and the ability for the treated water being substituted for 70% of usage by anyone, where groundwater is not depleted and the natural resource is maintained and also discourages the allegiant economic status of the water mafia.  This makes the AWPL system, a circular, an economically viable and environmentally sound product that treats a pollutant and converts it into a 100% green product that will always be available in any circumstance and negate all the issues that come with severe water pollution. 

You Have Installed The Country’s First 100% Green Water Recovery Plant. Tell Us, How Does The Wastewater Treatment Work?

We have installed India’s 100% green water recovery in August of 2015, where 100,000 liters of raw sewage was being converted into drinking water quality as per WHO standards, also without the use of any chemicals and being NON-RO in nature, it was to maintain the natural vitamins and minerals of water. It was installed for the DJB (Delhi Jal Board) and was self-funded as it was our pilot plant and where we are better to advertise the prove and worth of the system than then Delhi Jal Board. We were given the space at their Keshopur site, in Delhi. The officials at DJB were so impressed with the technology, that the plant was inaugurated by none other than our Hon’ble, CM, MR, Arvind Kejriwal.

Details Of The Plant
Inlet source of water – Domestic raw sewage
Area Required – 130 sq. Meter
Power Consumption – 2.5 Kw/Hr.
Operational Since – 1st August 2015
Plant capacity – 100 KLD per day.
Organic Manure Generation – 7 ton per year
Main Characteristics Of Our Water Recovery Plant
No chemical usage whatsoever.
No sludge generation, compared to other conventional systems.
Non-RO system, therefore, no rejects, resulting in 100% conversion.
No odour No noise, due to non-usage of motors
Minimal electricity consumption works on solar as well.
Minimal operation cost, compared to conventional systems.
High return on investment, within 2-5 years depending on size installed
The 15% reject, from the system is tackled by generating a form of liquid soil conditioners which compiles to all the stringent norms of CPCB.
It has the shortest stabilization time overall the conventional technologies.
Organic material & warms effectively working in the Temperature ranging from 20C to 500c

Working Process of Absolute Water’s Bio-STP

1st Level – Natural Gravity Filtration

Where the raw sewage is being lifted from the raw sewage pit and gets pumped to the BIOFILTER.

  • Our BIOFILTER works on the principle of vermin-filtration where specially bred worm species and a mix of bacteria act on the suspended and dissolved solids in the raw sewage and biologically degrade in an environmentally safe manner.
  • This is a continuous process; therefore, the treated sewage keeps flowing through an inclined drain at the floor of the biofilter into the treated sewage tank. AW Bio-Filter System is High efficiency and multi-filter medium that include worms, specially developed microbes, organic & in-organic media. Raw sewage pumped from the collection tank is allowed to pass through the screen to remove/separate the macroparticles present in the effluent.
  • Raw sewage is distributed evenly over the surface of the filter medium, by sprinklers. As the wastewater slowly percolates down, naturally occurring microbes degrade the solids and organic matter, reduce coli from bacteria, and nitrify ammonium, producing clear and odorless water. Earthworm acts as media to host millions of micro-organisms, which help in the rapid degradation of the organic matter present in the wastewater.  

It is the first level of water treatment. That further could be used for agriculture, groundwater rejuvenation, water body rejuvenation and horticulture.

2nd Level – Advance Oxidation Treatment

· Our Water Recovery System is a Non-chemical, Non-R.O. 

A system with very high recovery (> 85 %) of water. 

· The specially designed Membrane not only filters out various contaminants but also the harmful bacteria, Viruses & other Pathogens without any sludge generation.

· The feed is taken from the BIO-filter based treated sewage tank or any source of water as an input of The Membrane filter is passed through a pressure sand filter to remove the suspended solids if any. 

· There is another filter to ensure that the feed to the membranes does not have any particles in it. This ensures a long life for the membranes.

· We deploy Ozonation as advanced disinfection treatment in our plants that is proven worldwide to kill/remove Virus-like SARS. It has a similar genetic structure to COVID-19 pandemic virus, so for sure, it fights against COVID-19 Virus as well.

The Permeate from the membrane is of Potable/Contact water/Bathing water quality and the reject is discharged, which is highly rich in nutrients and having a BOD > 10.

In terms of comparison to similar products available in the market, our Bio-STP solves two of the biggest issues of conventional STPs :

  • Sludge Management: Due to no sludge formation, it eliminates the problem of sludge dewatering, handling and disposal, besides it also saves time and energy consumed during de-sludging activities
  • Power requirement: has a very low requirement and can also be catered via solar panels.

What Different Solutions Is The Company Providing And To Whom?

Absolute Water Private Limited provides water and organic waste treatment solutions to Institutions, Industry, Gated community, Municipal Authorities, and Commercial and Public properties

With the use of our special membrane: Drinking, Bathing, Washing, Industrial(Tannery, Construction, Food processing, Sugar mills, Dairy, Textile, Commercial/Institutes/Hotel/Resort/Residential areas)

Without the use of a special membrane, Tertiary Treatment: (non-potable): Flushing of toilets, Cooling towers(AC), Groundwater recharging, River rejuvenation, Irrigation/Horticulture

Do You Think People Today Are Aware Of Sustainable Solutions? 

Yes, I do believe that the awareness has been tremendous on ground and industry, more so because there are various agencies like that of the CPCB, NGT and even including the UN via its SDG’s that have made clean water a priority in all the countries and especially more so in the severely affected ones, and are looking into companies like ours, where the solution is provided and has proven to work. 

The number of peoples group, schools, colleges, govt institutes and industry has been championing the use and effectiveness of green and sustainable solutions, therefore, making businesses and innovations like ours worth the time and effort put in and making us a financially viable business. 

Share The Projects Established So Far In This Sustainable Journey?

We have installed and commissioned 13+ Bio-STP Plants across India and are growing. Following are the list of Projects established-:

  1. Delhi Jal Board (DJB): Keshopur, New Delhi, 100 kld drinking water plant, August 2015
  2. Silver Oaks, Ahmedabad, 25 kld modular plant, 2017
  3. Saraswati Medical College, Hapur: 20 kld modular plant, 2017
  4. Ecoware, Noida, Drinking water plant, 10 kld modular unit 2017
  5. Guru Nanak Dev Engg College, Ludhiana, 500 kld, 2017
  6. Chilkur Balaji Temple, Hyderabad, 60 kld civil unit, 2018
  7. Surya International, Hotel, Allahabad 20 kld, 2017
  8. Nuts and Spices, Chennai, 10 kld, dairy water recovery, 2018
  9. Delhi Technological University, New Delhi 1 MLD, 2019
  10. Ladakh Serai Hotel, Ladakh, 20 kld civil unit, 2019
  11. Bangalore Municipal Department, Whitefield, Smart Toilet System, 10 kld, modular unit
  12. Gurujal, Pond Rejuvenation, 250 kld expandable to 500 kld, Kasan< Gurgaon, 2020
  13. Smart Forte Residential Apartment, (toilet flushing for 36 flats) 15 kld modular unit, Bangalore, 2020
  14. CETP, Nangloi, Trial plant for Bio Remediation, 2020

We are currently treating 3 million liters of sewage every day that can provide safe and clean drinking water to over 6 lakh people a day, and working on growing this a few number fold in the coming months. 

Whom Have You Partnered Up With For Executing Your Work? 

We have no partners currently…we have developed this innovation on our own. This is a purely a “Made in India” invention 

While Working, What Type Of Hardships You Face To Implement The Project

Being an innovator in this category, to be able to prove the system as a workable solution was one of the biggest hurdles, but because we foresaw this as an eventuality, we set up the pilot plant for the DJB on our own money and we are currently running the plant for them under an AMC. So when a potential client was to visit and see it for themselves the working of the plant, its effectiveness and the results thereon, it was easier to convince them of the technology to be used for the desired purpose. 

The idea of having treated water coming out of sewage, also a mindset that had to be changed and we had initially faced several blockages on that, but when we changed our strategy to where this system was a money and water saving technique all rolled into one, that came with success, because when one starts working out the math and the return on investment calculations based on what one currently pays for water for non-human consumption, where 70% if the water is substituted by our treated water and the actual cost for it, generates a huge percentage of saving, where post-installation of the system, water becomes free to use post 2-3 years.

Also being a woman in this field, whereby there is a very less percentage of us as it is predominant with male influences, was too a challenge. To prove that I own and know the business and to let them feel that they are talking to a partner and an equal, and not some activist kinda person, who is serious and is implementing what I say rather than just being a talker. 

Would You Like To Share Any Motivational Story Of Your Company?

The biggest motivation and fuel to gear ourselves to be better, stronger and more focused on our goal, was when we were selected by the UNDP (United Nations Development Fund), as one of the 5 changemakers in the sustainability field and meeting 3 or more of the SDG’s and were invited to do a TED talk in front of the UN Gen Sect last year. We knew then that we were doing something right. Also post and pre that event, being selected by the DISCOVERY channel to be chosen and showcased as one of the 8 innovators in the field of sustainability and being environment warriors, for a show called the PLANET HEALERS…all of this has been very motivational for us, and gives us a stronger belief in oneself, that even though you may be small in comparison terms to what is out there in the industry, that if you have an effective idea, to not be afraid to do it and work your best to show the world of your capability.

Share A Quote About Your Initiative.

We want to make every water drop count!!! – Smita Singhal (Director, Absolute Water Pvt. Ltd)

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