Rudra Environmental Solution: Transforming Society With Their Innovation That Converts Plastic Into Polyfuel

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Tell Us About Rudra Environmental Solutions And How You Are Transforming Society Through Innovation?

Rudra established in 2009, started so that we can find a viable solution for plastic waste, especially, thin and traditionally non-recyclable plastic such as wrappers, packaging etc. We have developed a technology that converts waste plastic into usable fuel. 

Thermo Catalytic Depolymerization technique reverses the plastic making process by producing hydrocarbon fuel. The plastic that used to end up in the landfill before is now converting into this green technology, which is not only saving the space but also helping to reduce the water, air and soil pollution.

The work we are doing along with our NGO partner “Keshav Sita Memorial Foundation Trust” is creating awareness of waste plastic. We are helping to change people’s habit of throwing waste plastic in dry garbage. Rather, now, people are segregating the waste plastic at the source, which is being collected by the trust. Rudra then processes and converts the waste plastic into Fuel. 

Today this collection happens from more than 25000 households, offices, schools and hotels in Pune. We also collect from PCMC, Kalyan Dombiwali and Thane. When people see that there is an innovation that works, it helps them to change their habits and stick to it. During this lockdown, most of our contributors kept their waste plastic at home and did not throw it in the bin.

Today, Plastic Is The Greatest Threat To Nature, How Are You Making Sustainable Use Of Plastic?

Plastic is a brilliant product but the problem starts when it becomes waste. We are converting the thin packaging, which has no monetary value into usable fuel. 

Some plastic along with the char/residue from the process is getting used in making roads.

What’s Your Take On Sustainable Environmental Practices And How Could Young Generations Can Contribute?

Sustainability means using the resources and not to abuse it. I feel sustainability starts on an individual level and personal habit. Before we begin to change the world, we need to start changing ourselves and our family. As an individual, you can initiate by using a reusable bag, mug, etc. Also, by replacing plastic utensils with steel/glass bottles, avoid using single-use plastic. 

How Are You Spreading Awareness On Fuel-Generated From TCD (Thermo Catalytic Depolymerization) Process?

The best way is to communicate and create awareness. We have many Plastic Warriors who have started spreading awareness in their locality. We do this in schools, offices, housing societies because many people are still unaware of the problem.

How Is Your Initiative Serving Society?

We are reducing plastic waste from reaching landfill, thus reducing pollution. Also, we are giving fuel to villages when before, they use to burn wood or plastic, which again helps in reducing pollution. The littering habits are also changing we are witnessing this as people sending their plastic waste by courier /post to us had increased in large numbers from all over India. 

What Plans And Projects Are You Planning For The Future?

We would like to install our plants in all states, especially tourist destinations. Also, we would like to increase awareness as well.

Are You Looking Forward To Collaboration With Companies Or Individuals?

Yes, we are, we would also like to collaborate with schools and colleges in large numbers, as youth are the change for a better future.

Any Information That You Would Like To Share With Our Readers?

Innovation can help change the world, and the waste management sector is thrilling. As the population is growing, so is the waste. Likewise, we would like to see the younger generation choose this as a career. 

Also, not every innovation will work commercially but then it is okay to fail.

 Share A Quote About Your Initiative?

Don’t Add to Pollution rather be part of a solution – Dr. Medha Hari Tadpatrikar, Director

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